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Research & Policy

The Eno Center for Transportation conducts research, organizes workshops, and convenes transportation experts on a variety of critical issues facing the transportation industry. Eno’s policy team takes an independent approach to all of our work, and we create pragmatic policy recommendations that are responsive to constrained public resources and political realities. To ensure the accuracy, objectiveness, and effectiveness of our final products, we work closely with industry stakeholders and experts, including Eno’s Working Groups, the Digital Cities Project Advisory Board, Eno’s Board of Advisors, and Eno’s Board of Directors.

Eno has four standing programs that cover major areas in transportation policy: aviation, freight, transportation finance, and the digital transportation revolution. The members of these working groups or respective advisory boards help to develop Eno research topics, inform the work, and comment on findings. Importantly, Eno includes both public and private sector officials on each board to ensure that our work products are balanced and useful to policymakers and industry alike. 

Aviation Working Group

Eno's Aviation Working Group is an effort to tackle some of the most challenging policy issues in aviation. Much of 2016 was spent conducting and advising research on reforms related to the certification of aircraft, air traffic control, and repair stations. This is a critical issue for the safety of U.S. airspace, as well as national competitiveness in the global economy. Eno will release the outcome of this effort in 2017. In early 2016, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee proposed reforming air traffic control, in line with the working group's 2015 recommendations. This group remains at the forefront of air traffic control reform policy discussions.

Eno's Transportation Finance Working Group is a standing advisory body on all matters relating to transportation funding and financing policy. The group, made up of diverse stakeholders, provides Eno staff with insights, knowledge, feedback, and guidance on how to approach some of the most challenging transportation finance problems of today. This includes public and private partnerships, federal and local transportation finance problems of today.

Transportation Finance Working Group
Digital Cities

Eno’s Digital Cities program is exploring how technology is changing transportation systems, and how public policy can play a proactive role in encouraging innovative mobility while simultaneously maximizing public safety and public benefit. These technological innovations are revolutionizing the concept of mobility and accessibility for the better. But in order for that to be possible, policy makers must ensure that their decisions are encouraging, rather than inhibiting, innovation. Eno convened the Digital Cities advisory board for the first time in February 2016. This meeting helped to shape Eno's 2016 efforts, and led to the 2016 Convergence event, multiple webinars, and policy papers that cover automated vehicles, technology and transit, and innovative freight.

Freight Working Group

Eno’s Freight Working Group is a standing advisory group on all matters relating to freight policy. This group of diverse stakeholders provides Eno staff with insights, knowledge, feedback, and guidance on how to approach some of the most challenging freight transportation problems of today. Looking forward, new innovations, ranging from self-driving technologies and delivery drones to advanced logistics systems, could transform many traditional freight markets. In concert with Eno's Digital Cities program, the Working Group is providing guidance on how to best shape future policies. Eno is examining how driverless trucks, trains, and ships could affect supply chains, and how public policies should respond.

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