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Convergence 2016

In 2016 Eno held its first Convergence conference in Washington D.C. The event was a part of the Digital Cities project and brought together a wide variety of transportation leaders, policymakers, and implementers to discuss how technology is transforming mobility. The meeting focused on examining appropriate public policy responses to technological innovations within transportation. Participants discussed an assortment of topics like technological improvements in transit, optimizing freight, citie's roles in mobility, big data in transportation, and automated vehicles.

LDC Dinner

Each year, the Eno Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) gives 20 of the nation's top graduate students in transportation a first-hand look at how national transportation policies are developed. Students apply to the program early in the year, and those selected as "Eno Fellows" come to Washington, DC for a week in the spring for meetings with federal officials and leaders of business and non-profit organizations.

Eno Transportation Weekly
Transportation at the Ballot Box

On election day in 2016 26 states voted on over 400 ballot measures that had the potential to raise a quarter-billion dollars. Seeing what was at stake, Eno began an ambitious project to find and track every single transportation measure that was up for vote on Election Day. The database, an ongoing project, is organized by locality, official title, measure identifier, summary, modes, projected revenues, and duration. It includes all types of transportation investment, from roads and rails, to seaports and airports, to bike lanes and sidewalks. Eno's database, the first multimodal transportation ballot measure database publicly available, now serves as a source for many policy makers, researchers, and media across the country.

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