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Eno Center for Transportation

2018 Impact Report

Shaping Public Debate on Critical + Emerging Issues

Next year is the Eno Center for Transportation's 98th since our founding. Despite our age, Eno strives to remain relevant and ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of transportation. We did this in 2018 by embracing the notion that exciting change is underway, yet remaining fully rooted in the realities of what is possible and with eyes wide open about what is not.


Of course, technological change is evident throughout the built environment. In recent months, Eno and our partners tackled these critical issues head-on and will continue this collaborative work on automated vehicles, TNCs, micromobility, data sharing, and more. Importantly, we look forward to the launch of a major initiative to integrate unmanned aerial systems into U.S. airspace.


Transportation funding challenges will loom even larger this year and Jeff Davis and Eno Transportation Weekly will relentlessly chronicle discussions of a federal infrastructure package and track the approaching shortfalls. Outside of Washington, last year we conducted groundbreaking work to catalogue transportation at the ballot box in states from coast-to-coast. And we'll continue our efforts to decongest cities through pricing strategies while ensuring the benefits of doing so are shared across regions.


Throughout our long history, Eno has been at the forefront of transportation workforce issues with our coursework, training, and research. We intend to kick off an important initiative to address a set of thorny challenges facing the transportation workforce as well as predicted changes.


With several extreme weather events highlighting the paramount importance of resiliency of transportation infrastructure, Eno will 


Robert Puentes

President & CEO

work with our partners to understand how transportation can better withstand shocks and stresses and reduce the overall impact of transportation on the environment.


Underlying much of our work is a focus on governance and institutions. New kinds of partnerships, relationships, and arrangements are widespread in transportation and Eno is already planning major work in 2019 to address a range of social, political, and economic issues inherent in transportation decision-making.


As we like to point out, partnerships and collaborations are part of the DNA of this organization. We rarely work on anything alone and certainly don't operate with our doors closed. In this way, all our successes are shared and we look forward to strengthening those relationships in 2019.


James Burnley

Board Chairman

Tech-Enabled Transformation

Leading the Conversation on

Tech-Enabled Transformation

Eno remains engaged with stakeholders and researchers in the area of technology-enabled transportation innovation and solutions through research reports, webinars, ETW articles, and face-to-face interactions. Experts from academia as well as the public and private sectors contributed to ETW op-eds and webinars covering topics such as data sharing; safety and accessibility for people with disabilities in the context of automated vehicles; new mobility; shared fleets, and connected vehicles.


Trends in transportation and technology continuously evolve, and some last longer than others. Eno stayed on top of the rise of dockless bikeshare to its replacement of other shared electric micromobility options.

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