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Robert Puentes

President & CEO

James Burnley

Board Chairman

Without a doubt, 2017 marked a period of profound change in the transportation sector. This should not come as much of a surprise as it is a dynamic time in our country's history. The cultural, political, and technological transformations sweeping the nation impact our transportation system and its industry and affect Eno at a very granular level. In this way, it compels us to be more astute and forward-looking.

That is how we approached the last year. Never satisfied to sit back and watch change happen, Eno and our partners worked tirelessly to understand a whole set of new trends and respond, plan, and act accordingly. It's that style of attention and ambition that's allowed us to be so impactful.

It's why our work to fundamentally reform our nation's air traffic control system reaches the highest levels of Washington policymaking and enjoys support from a diverse set of stakeholders.

Its why state leaders continue to reach out to us to help them figure out how changes in vehicles—automated, electric, shared—are impacting everything from the infrastructure they build, to the revenues they collect, to the safety of the network.

And it's why major metropolitan areas are working with Eno to steward a network of the most forward-looking public transit agencies as they learn from one another. Real discussions about the future of transit are happening in cities across the country—and across the world—and we are right in the middle of that.

But we cannot do it alone.

Eno benefits from a high-caliber, dedicated Board of Directors and an outstanding, active Board of Advisors. Our Board of Regents contributes significant time every year to help select the future leaders who participate in our annual leadership forum. Other partners, donors, and collaborators engage closely with us on working groups and other bodies. In this way, you are critical for grounding our work and ensuring proper focus.

As Eno approaches its centenary in 2021, we truly enjoy a unique position as the hub of a network of transportation industry leaders buoyed by a smart and dedicated staff with a solid reputation for credible, independent, and relevant work. Our opportunity is to continue to have impact today and continue to plan for an ever-changing future.

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Ahead of the Curve:

Informing Policy + Perception

As the leader in its field for nearly a century, Eno provides government and industry leaders with timely research and a pragmatic, fact- based voice on policy issues. Eno publishes rigorous, objective analyses on the problems facing transportation and provides ideas for and a clear path toward possible solutions.


As an objective convener, Eno brings impartial research as well as a forum for diverse stakeholders to voice their concerns and recommendations.


In addition, for nearly two decades, Eno Transportation Weekly (ETW) has been the premiere inside-the-beltway federal transportation policy publication for transportation leaders across the country. Eno provides our members and subscribers with accurate, timely, and thorough reporting and analysis on federal, state and local policy every week. 


Based on research, convening, and analysis, Eno serves as an unbiased, expert source of information on provocative transportation topics, many of which have not been examined with academic rigor or independence.

Impact + Education at the Federal Level

As an independent, non-partisan think-tank, Eno promotes policy innovation based on rigorous research and analysis. In 2017, Eno's research continued to be utilized by policymakers and industry leaders across DC as a trusted source of quality, actionable solution's to the transportation challenges of today and tomorrow. We've highlighted just a few of these below.

Impacting Federal Automated Vehicle Policy from Speculation to Legislation

The uncertainty and newness of automated vehicles means that governments are under pressure to craft regulations and make investments that encourage innovation while still protecting the public interest.


Through a series of panel discussions, workshops, webinars, and consultation with Eno’s Digital Cities Advisory Board, Eno crafted Beyond Speculation, a paper with a multifaceted set of recommendations that address the most pressing policy issues for AVs.


This paper has served to directly inform pending legislation on the federal level. Eno continues to present its recommendations and meet with stakeholders to advance smart AV policies.