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Eno Center for Transportation

Impact Report

Trusted Expertise in a Transforming Transportation Sector...

Robert Puentes

President & CEO

James Burnley

Board Chairman

Without a doubt, 2017 marked a period of profound change in the transportation sector. This should not come as much of a surprise as it is a dynamic time in our country's history. The cultural, political, and technological transformations sweeping the nation impact our transportation system and its industry and affect Eno at a very granular level. In this way, it compels us to be more astute and forward-looking.

That is how we approached the last year. Never satisfied to sit back and watch change happen, Eno and our partners worked tirelessly to understand a whole set of new trends and respond, plan, and act accordingly. It's that style of attention and ambition that's allowed us to be so impactful.

It's why our work to fundamentally reform our nation's air traffic control system reaches the highest levels of Washington policymaking and enjoys support from a diverse set of stakeholders.

Its why state leaders continue to reach out to us to help them figure out how changes in vehicles—automated, electric, shared—are impacting everything from the infrastructure they build, to the revenues they collect, to the safety of the network.

And it's why major metropolitan areas are working with Eno to steward a network of the most forward-looking public transit agencies as they learn from one another. Real discussions about the future of transit are happening in cities across the country—and across the world—and we are right in the middle of that.

But we cannot do it alone.

Eno benefits from a high-caliber, dedicated Board of Directors and an outstanding, active Board of Advisors. Our Board of Regents contributes significant time every year to help select the future leaders who participate in our annual leadership forum. Other partners, donors, and collaborators engage closely with us on working groups and other bodies. In this way, you are critical for grounding our work and ensuring proper focus.

As Eno approaches its centenary in 2021, we truly enjoy a unique position as the hub of a network of transportation industry leaders buoyed by a smart and dedicated staff with a solid reputation for credible, independent, and relevant work. Our opportunity is to continue to have impact today and continue to plan for an ever-changing future.

P.S. Click here for a two-page printable PDF summary of this report.

Ahead of the Curve:

Informing Policy + Perception

As the leader in its field for nearly a century, Eno provides government and industry leaders with timely research and a pragmatic, fact- based voice on policy issues. Eno publishes rigorous, objective analyses on the problems facing transportation and provides ideas for and a clear path toward possible solutions.


As an objective convener, Eno brings impartial research as well as a forum for diverse stakeholders to voice their concerns and recommendations.


In addition, for nearly two decades, Eno Transportation Weekly (ETW) has been the premiere inside-the-beltway federal transportation policy publication for transportation leaders across the country. Eno provides our members and subscribers with accurate, timely, and thorough reporting and analysis on federal, state and local policy every week. 


Based on research, convening, and analysis, Eno serves as an unbiased, expert source of information on provocative transportation topics, many of which have not been examined with academic rigor or independence.

Impact + Education at the Federal Level

As an independent, non-partisan think-tank, Eno promotes policy innovation based on rigorous research and analysis. In 2017, Eno's research continued to be utilized by policymakers and industry leaders across DC as a trusted source of quality, actionable solution's to the transportation challenges of today and tomorrow. We've highlighted just a few of these below.

Impacting Federal Automated Vehicle Policy from Speculation to Legislation

The uncertainty and newness of automated vehicles means that governments are under pressure to craft regulations and make investments that encourage innovation while still protecting the public interest.


Through a series of panel discussions, workshops, webinars, and consultation with Eno’s Digital Cities Advisory Board, Eno crafted Beyond Speculation, a paper with a multifaceted set of recommendations that address the most pressing policy issues for AVs.


This paper has served to directly inform pending legislation on the federal level. Eno continues to present its recommendations and meet with stakeholders to advance smart AV policies.

Analysis and Recommendations for FASTLANE to Inform Improvements

A federal discretionary grant program, if designed correctly, can target limited funds to freight projects that relieve bottlenecks and improve reliability for freight movements across the country.


Given the new Administration’s talk about making major investments in the nation’s infrastructure, it is all the more important to use such programs as effectively as possible.


Eno recommended enhancing this program and this work primed a federal investigation calling for more transparency in how funding gets awarded.


As the current Administration has rebranded the program as INFRA, Eno will continue to monitor its project selection process and the effectiveness of its results.

Since the 1980s, there have been several attempts to modernize the nation’s air traffic control (ATC) system, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proved unable to expediently implement these plans.


Eno brought together key stakeholders to understand how best to hasten modernization of the nation’s air traffic control (ATC) system, concluding that only governance and funding reform of the existing federal structures could accelerate the implementation timeline.


Congress has used the recommendations to help draft pending legislation, and Eno will continue to inform and educate on the findings of the report.   

Educating Policymakers: Charting the Path Forward for Modern Air Traffic Control

Under Senior Fellow and Editor Jeff Davis, ETW continues to be the leading voice for transportation insights both inside and outside the Beltway. Within Washington, it is an indispensable source for government affairs professionals, Congressional staff, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and agencies across the Executive Branch. 

Top 10 ETW Articles of 2017

1. "House DOT Appropriations Bill Released: Makes $900M Available for NY/NJ Gateway Program" 

By: Jeff Davis, July 2017

2. "The Trump Infrastructure Agenda - What Would 'Buy American, Hire American' Really Entail?" 

By: Jeff Davis, January 2017

3. "House E&C Considering 16 Automated Vehicle Bills - Here's What's in Them" 

By: Greg Rogers, June 2017

4. "USDOT Withdraws From Gateway Corporation" 

By: Jeff Davis, July 2017

5. "Senate Unanimously Passes Legislation to Repeal MPO Consolidation Rule" 

By: Jeff Davis, March 2017

6. "USDOT Preparing Sweeping AV Policy Update, 3.0, Including Trucks and Buses"

By: Greg Rogers, October 2017 

7. "Omnibus FY17 Appropriations Package Released" 

By: Jeff Davis, May 2017

8. "Cities Now Exploring Autonomous Buses - But Is It Worth It?" 

By: Greg Rogers, April 2017 

9. "FTA Launches 5-Year Research Initiative for Transit Automation" 

By: Greg Rogers, December 2017

10. "USDOT Preparing to Revise Obama-Era AV Policies"

By: Greg Rogers, August 2017

Top 5 ETW Op-Eds of 2017

1. "Does Airport Privatization Have a Future in the US?" 

By: Robert Poole - Director of Transportation Policy, Reason Foundation, March 2017 

2. "An 'Unprecedented Mobility Revolution?' We've Been Here Before" 

By: William Leimenstoll, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Fellow, June 2017 

3. "When it Comes to Regulation, Focus on the Endzone, Not the Yardmarkers"

By: Edward Hamberger - President and CEO, American Association of Railroads (AAR), February 2017

4. "Why isn't the Transportation Sector More Engaged in Student Transportation?" 

By: Jennifer O'Neil Schiess - Principal, Bellwether Education Partners, August 2017 

5. "The Road Ahead for Self-Driving Car Legislation"

By: Representative Bob Latta (R-OH), November 2017 

501 ETW Articles Published

18 Opinion Editorials

Point/Counterpoint Op-Eds 2017

Point/Counterpoint: Open Skies 

August 2017 

Point: "Ensure Fair and Free Competition Under All of Our Open Skies Agreements"

By: James Burnley - Chairman, Eno Center for Transportation; Partner, Venable LLP 

Counterpoint: "Open Skies, Subsidies and the Need for Transparency"

By: Rui Neiva - Policy Analyst, Eno Center for Transportation 

Point-Counterpoint: Twin 33 Trailer Combinations

April 2017

Point: "Twin 33s – Trucking Efficiency, On Demand" 

By Dr. Ron Knipling, Independent Safety Researcher and Consultant 

Counterpoint: "Don’t Let Safety Take a Back Seat to Special Interests"

By John Lannen, Executive Director, Truck Safety Coalition and Harry Adler, Public Affairs Manager, Truck Safety Coalition

State + Local Impact: Policy Into Practice

Eno is also working directly with cities, states, and metropolitan areas to collectively figure out how states are preparing for new technologies. 


For their part, state governments have long played an important role in planning, regulating, and managing roadway networks, however AVs could entirely upend the existing federalist structure. Eno drafted a state-based policy paper and hosted a workshop with Virginia officials, including Governor Terry McAuliffe, to discuss its findings and refine the recommendations on how states should prepare for an automated future by adapting their approach to motor vehicle regulations, infrastructure investment, and research.

Building a Foundation of Research 

Understanding the modern airline industry is a complex task, particularly in light of recent airline consolidation.  In many cases,  media and policymakers are unclear on where benefits lay for consumers and constituents and are unsure how to react.


Eno Aviation Insights aims to illustrate where the domestic air travel industry has been and where it is headed from an independent, objective perspective.


Eno released 10 briefs, centered around common questions about the aviation industry, with answers supported by data, insights, and feedback from stakeholders. In 2018, the Insights platform will be a tool to answer new questions that come up about the industry.

Partisanship, interest groups, and a saturation of industry conferences leave policymakers and stakeholders with incomplete or unclear information. Eno, as an independent convener, has a reputation of bringing together all sides of an issue and facilitating productive, helpful conversations.


Through Eno’s tech-based Capital Convergence, its Future of Freight panel event, or its routine webinars that feature current issues, Eno gathers hundreds of participants to learn, engage, and challenge the status quo. Eno’s role as a regular and important convener extends into 2018 and beyond. 

Convening the Industry and Facilitating Conversation 


Growth in Email Subscribers


Attendees at Eno Events


Webinar Attendees


Page Views


Articles Citing Eno


Twitter Mentions

AV Policy
ATC Reform

Improving Practice

Through People Development

Across the transportation industry, workforce development issues are at the forefront of executives' minds. Keeping a quality workforce in place is difficult  and faces unique, modern challenges from retirements to retention issues. Eno builds leadership in the transportation industry through our dynamic people development programs. 


Eno's Center for Transportation Leadership offers a full spectrum of practical and leadership skill building programs to help transportation professionals at every rung of the career ladder. From graduate students about to enter the workforce, to mid-level managers, to the very top in the C-suite, Eno sees the needs of the industry beginning to change and has created programs to advance the workforce to meet those needs.

EnoMAX participants bring cost savings back to their agencies

MARTA’s total cost-saving from their participation in the EnoMAX program is $1,136,000 and counting.

The Eno MAX (Multi-Agency Exchange) Program is a collaborative leadership development, inter-agency networking and best-practice sharing program between public transportation operators and the Eno Center for Transportation. Each year, up to four agencies are grouped together to form an Eno MAX program.


These program cohorts learn from each other to improve their technical knowledge and performance, develop a peer-network for collaboration, and better understand their agency as it relates to the overall transit industry.  Benefits transfer to the agency as a whole through improved staff performance and innovative, practical solutions for high priority ,agency-defined business problems.

The EnoMAX program is rated as highly effective by agency CEOs, agency senior staff and the participants.

37 Participants

4.88 out of 5

on program evaluations


In 2017, Eno brought together the nation's top 20 graduate students in transportation from across the country to Washington, DC as Eno Fellows for the 25th year of the Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) program. They heard from industry professionals from across the transportation industry including, non-profits, federal agencies, U.S. Representatives, lobbyists, private sector, and much more. Topics such as federal funding, how lobbying really works, the state of the industry, aviation, transportation technology were included throughout the week.  Four of this year's fellows were sponsored; special thanks to Women’s Transportation Seminar, Council of University Transportation Centers, and Conference of Minority Transportation Officials.

The culmination of the LDC is the Future Leaders Dinner where Eno honored Jane Garvey with the Eno Lifetime Achievement Award, Bob Prince with the Friend of Eno award, and Martin Wachs with the Thought Leader Award. The honorees met with the students in an intimate setting before the dinner to impart their career journeys and provide valuable insights and advice on the student’s journey ahead.


We would like to thank our dinner sponsor, WSP, for providing such a magnificent evening to celebrate the students and the honorees. Thank you to Venable, LLC for sponsoring the reception and to Transurban, the Trivia Night sponsors. 


LDC Fellows

The conference helped me to broaden my view of how the transportation system operates. The range in the modes, organizations, and issues discussed was instrumental in achieving that outcome.

LDC Fellow

Washington, DC

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Dinner Guests

Future Leaders Development Conference

The Eno Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) brings some of the best and brightest graduate students in transportation to the nation’s capital to gain a better understanding of how U.S. transportation policy is crafted. Students and their universities view it as a highly valuable “inside the Beltway” look at policy development. The speakers, prominent individuals from across the transportation sector, enjoy the opportunity to address the enthusiastic future leaders. 

Eno provides a spectrum of trusted, high-quality leadership courses for the transit industry, from the Transit Mid Manager Seminars to the Transit Senior Executive Program. Each class is customized to fit the participant level and include modules on skills needed to excel.


The Transit Mid Manager seminars focus on topics such as communications, leadership, change management, coaching/mentoring, delegating and the critical role that mid managers play.


The Transit Senior Executive Program focuses on managing board relationships, organization messaging, generational diversity, safety and security, crisis management, and has a real-life case study the students go through.


We had over twenty excellent transportation executives speak to the transit classes this year, giving the students a plethora of information to take back to their organizations. These executives bring their expertise in their industry to the classes and give the participants an opportunity to get the real world view on how to run transit agencies across this country.



Transit Mid-Manager



Transit Mid-Manager 2



Transit Senior Executive

"I cant say enough positive things about this course. I have learned so much useful material that I will go back and apply."

“I can't say enough about this organization. While I certainly only experienced the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the knowledge, experience, and expertise they bring to the industry through their steadfast dedication, you can tell that they really care about Transportation, and specifically improving the American transportation workforce.”

“Freaking awesome, such a great week away to be motivated, inspired and strategize. The best training course I have ever had the opportunity to participate in."

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Total Alumni

Transit Leadership Courses + Seminars
Transit Mid-Manager 2

Transit Mid-Manager 2

New Orleans, LA

Transit Mid-Manager

Transit Mid-Manager

Denver, CO

Transit Senior Executive

Transit Senior Executive

Washington, DC

Transit Mid-Manager

Transit Mid-Manager

Cleveland, OH

Transit Mid-Manager

Transit Mid-Manager

Boston. MA


Inside Eno 

People & Funding

​The Eno Center for Transportation is an independent, non-partisan think-tank that promotes policy innovation and leads professional development in the transportation industry. Eno is the only national think tank focused on all modes of transportation, with the mission of cultivating creative and visionary leadership for the sector. 

Eno is a non-profit charitable foundation, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3). It is an operating foundation and does not make grants. Less than a quarter of the Foundation’s work is supported by its endowment; the remainder is supported by our members, grants, tuition and fees, contracts, and publication sales.

The  Eno Center for Transportation has 12 full time staff, a board of directors, and a board of advisors.

Meet Eno's Staff

Director, CTL

Senior Fellow and Editor, Eno Transportation Weekly

Program & Event Associate

Senior Fellow

VP, Policy & Finance

Director, Development & Partnerships

President & CEO

Office Manager and Financial Analyst

Senior Manager, Training and Events

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Welcome, Dr. Alice Grossman!
Eno's New Transportation Policy Expert 

Meet Alice Grossman, Eno’s newest Policy Analyst. Alice is no stranger to Eno! She attended our Future Leaders Development Conference in 2015 and was our 2017 Thomas J. O’Bryant Fellow. These opportunities helped to broaden her areas of expertise in transportation policy and learn how to best utilize research to inform policy-making.


At Eno, Alice is involved in multiple research initiatives, including Eno’s workforce development synthesis project, which takes a closer look at recruitment and retention at State DOTs, and Eno’s Mobility on Demand project, which looks at new ways to connect people to transit. Alice is also a frequent contributor to Eno Transportation Weekly. Click here to see what Alice has written recently!


Prior to joining Eno staff, Alice was a Ph. D student at the Georgia Institute of Technology studying Civil Engineering.  Dr. Grossman’s dissertation looked at the effects of federal legislation on urban regional transportation planning, specifically focusing on performance measurement.  


Fun Fact:  Alice completed her Bachelor’s degree in physics and astronomy and her favorite nebula is the owl nebula.

The Board of Advisors provides advice and counsel to our executive leadership and are selected from across industry and government.  They are chosen for extensive expertise in surface, air, and water based transportation policy, management, and operations.

Board of Advisors  
Financials + Supporters

Thanks to the generosity of a diverse and growing number of partners and members across the transportation industry, Eno continues to deliver excellent research, actionable policy recommendations, and top-notch leadership development programs.


In all our endeavors, Eno focuses first on our mission and is guided by our institutional values: integrity, independence, objectivity, quality, and relevance. We do not seek or accept financial support that would undermine those values or compromise our commitment to remain unbiased and independent.

Member List

Thanks to our current and future supporters for making Eno possible!


Memberships + Donations

Tuition + Publications

Consulting + Grants

Investment Revenue

Program Expenses


Leadership Development 

Titanium Members


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American Airlines, Inc.
Booz Allen Hamilton
ON Semiconductor
Uber Technologies
US Chamber of Commerce
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Airlines for America
Association of Equipment Manufacturers
National Association of Manufacturers
Southern California Association of Government
US Travel Association
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Silver Members


AECOM-Washington DC
Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc
Foothill Transit
HDR, Inc.
WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
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Arizona DOT
California Association of Councils of Governments
Cambridge Systematics
Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell (CC&H)
Chicago Transit Authority
Florida Department of Transportation
General Contractor's Association of New York
LA Metro
Legislative Services Library
Majestic Realty
Manta, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Maricopa Association of Governments
Montana DoT
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National Governors Association
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA)
National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association
New York State Department of Transportation
Northeast Corridor Commission
Orange County Transportation Authority
Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association, Inc.
Port of Long Beach
Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP
The Northeast MAGLEV
Thompson Coburn LLP
Transportation Trades Department
Via Transportation
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Inside Eno

Now + Next

Looking Ahead

Eno's role as a nonpartisan and independent think tank is even more important in today's uncertain world. To achieve Eno’s vision for an American transportation system that fosters economic vitality and improves the    quality of life for all, policymakers and industry leaders need the reliable research and actionable recommendations Eno provides.  

Eno will continue to be a trailblazer, focusing our efforts on vital and emerging issues in transportation at all levels of government. At the same time, we will enhance and expand our portfolio of high-quality leadership and people development programs to provide essential workforce skills to more of the transportation industry.

Focus Areas 

The Future of Public Transit

Helping public transportation thrive in a changing environment

In the Spring Eno will release a report on  improving maintenance in rail transit systems, as a companion to last year's study on transit contracting for operations, A Bid for Better Transit. In addition, our people development programs will continue to provide high-quality training and practical experiences. 

In addition, Eno is working with the Federal Transit Administration and cities across the country on their mobility on demand sandbox program to document pilot projects that use new technology to improve first and last mile service. Eno continues to look to provide useful research and valuable insight to help transit agencies prepare for the future, not just of mobility, but of the transit agency itself.  

Engage with Eno

Be Part of the Conversation

Support Eno's work by joining as an individual or through your organization.

As a member of Eno, you have the research and expertise of Eno’s multimodal transportation experts at your fingertips. Your membership ensures you have the most accurate and trusted information available. You could be part of vital industry conversations with Eno’s network of thought leaders, innovators, and visionaries in all modes of the transportation sector.

You can help Eno answer the difficult questions facing transportation today, generate actionable policy recommendations, and look ahead to the problems and solutions of tomorrow to ask what’s next for transportation.

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