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2020 Impact Report


Once in a Century

We all know 2020 was a time like no other for transportation.


At the beginning of last April, when all but seven states had issued some type of stay-at-home order, passenger transportation essentially halted. Airline travel was cleaved and traffic on toll roads sank. Transit agency chiefs found themselves begging people not to ride in order to protect their workers and the essential front lines workers who still needed to travel. Truly it was a year none of us expected.


Yet transportation does not operate in a vacuum and, in fact, is nested in the major issues that defined the tumultuous year. The complicated logistics of transporting millions of vaccines illustrate the importance of transportation and well as its role in getting people to testing and inoculation sites. The race and equity issues that the nation reckoned with highlight the role of transportation in providing inclusive access to jobs, education, and health care. Ongoing climate concerns spotlight the fact last year transportation remained the largest contributor to U.S. greenhouse gases.


In short, the last twelve months demonstrated clearly why Eno's work is more important, imperative, and impactful as ever.


In March we established a comprehensive hub on our website for COVID-19 news and information and a collection of helpful resources for transportation professionals. We also launched a Road to Recovery webinar series that focuses on how transportation organizations can strategically prepare for their post-COVID future. The series features advice from practitioners and policy experts from their real-world experiences.


While the pandemic made Eno's excellent in-person classes and courses impossible, we quickly pivoted to virtual learnings to ensure the industry's professional development needs would continue to be met. The top-notch curriculum was supplemented with content relevant to the existential challenges transit agencies, companies, and organizations were facing. We met professionals' demands for the leadership "edge" during the pandemic to advance their careers, for better sense-making on transportation's changing landscape and, ultimately, what all this means for them personally.


Our policy work remained as timely as ever as we accelerated critical projects on subjects such as the role of transportation in improving America's health and protecting transportation's front-line workforce. We also reoriented research and analysis on a range of topics from congestion pricing, to mobility-on-demand, to unmanned aerial systems to reflect not just the current moment, but the road ahead. Our work on transit costs and project delivery is proving particularly important as agencies potentially look to do more in a resource-constrained environment.


And at a time when informed facts and independent insights without the spin are at a premium, Eno Transportation Weekly was there to provide that valuable perspective. With the transportation-related news and analysis coming thick and fast all year long, ETW demonstrated why it's so indispensable.


But we do not do it alone. Everything we do reflects some kind of partnership, whether formal or informal. Our stellar Boards of Directors, Advisors, and Regents continue to lend their valuable time and expertise. And in a year filled with plenty of distractions, our members, contributors, and affiliates reaffirmed their commitment to this organization again and again, for which we are very grateful.


Like last year, we know 2021 will be far from normal. Importantly for us, it is Eno's Centenary. We look forward to working with you all as we celebrate the last 100 years of legacy, innovation, and impact. Thanks to you, we are poised, ready, and strategically set for the next 100 as well.

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Robert Puentes

President and CEO

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James Burnley

Board Chairman

Click Below to Explore Eno's Impact

Eno, along with the rest of the world, was impacted on every level by the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything went virtual practically overnight, causing a tsunami of change in the way we do business. But Eno leaned into the changes and in the words of our founder met “change with change” to remain impactful and relevant in unprecedented times.

Education and Training

Our leading-edge research and analysis on critical and emerging issues is rooted in our  understanding of the transportation landscape now. Through our spectrum of virtual learning programs, we help ensure leaders have access to the  information they need to shape solutions and inform decision-making.

Congestion Pricing

Eno released 10 principles for congestion pricing in America, based on our research and 2019 study tour.


Redesigning Mobility

Working with Foursquare and TRB, Eno looked at how to evolve our mobility networks to meet today's demands.


Moving MOD Forward

Eno continued its evaluation of LA Metro and Sound Transit's FTA Mobility on Demand sandbox projects.


ETW Coverage

Read more about ETW's up-to date news, op-eds, and analysis on COVID-19 and other critical topics from 2020


Educational Webinars

For many seeking new ideas and connections amid unfamiliar challenges, Eno webinars were can't-miss opportunities to learn.

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Educating Leaders

Eno wrapped Transit Senior Executive in March and launched the first Transportation Mid-Manager Virtual in July.


Convening and Connecting

In the midst of a rapidly-changing environment and with the transportation sector in crisis, Eno provided a crucial forum for transportation professionals to connect with each other. Facing the pandemic-era reality of a newly virtual world, Eno leaned in to provide transportation professionals a chance to learn from each other and seed new ideas and solutions throughout the industry.

COVID-19 Response

Eno provided resources and forums for professionals to discuss critical topics and learn from each other.

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Propel: An Alumni Magazine

The premier edition of a new digital magazine for alumni of our professional development programs focused on COVID-19.


Aviation Working Group

In 2020, Eno published the first in a series of papers exploring regulation of unmanned aerial systems in the United States.


Project Delivery Initiative

Eno continued work on our multi-year initiative to investigate transit project delivery costs and practices.


Inside Eno and What's Next

Our combination of policy research and analysis and professional and organizational development programs doubles our impact. As we start our Centennial year, we turn to you, our network of members and supporters, to say thank you and ask you to help us remain ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of transportation. 


Learn about Eno's funding sources in 2020 and our commitment to independence and transparency.



In the spirit of transparency, Eno publishes a list of our members, funders, and other supporters annually.


Eno @ 100 Years

In 2021 and 2022, Eno is excited to celebrate our 100 year birthday and look toward our next 100 with you.


Education and Training

Congestion Pricing

In May, Eno published a research report, “Congestion Pricing in the United States: Principles for Developing a Viable Program to Advance Sustainability and Equity Goals.” The report outlines key concepts, challenges, and best practices for elected officials, civic leaders, advocates, and agency practitioners to consider as they consider the feasibility of congestion pricing for their regions. One primary takeaway of the report is that congestion pricing can yield revenues for investment in other modes, like public and active transportation, that meet community priorities for sustainability and equity.

Moving MOD Forward

Agencies continue to be interested in app-based, on-demand, shared services as a way to augment their transit networks. Eno published four in a series of policy papers covering key policy topics in partnerships between public agencies and private mobility providers using the MOD Sandbox pilot projects in Los Angeles and Puget Sound as robust case studies. The reports and webinar recordings on the subject are available on Eno's MOD webpage

Educational Webinars

This year, Eno's webinars were more critical than ever before, as transportation professionals grappled with the impacts of COVID-19.


People Attended Eno's Webinars


off participants said the webinar provided them with new knowledge or information they could use


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